Contract manufacturing services

Contract manufacturing services

As a part of our service we provide high flexibility and a personalized approach to every client. We realize projects in accordance with our customer's needs and expectations, offering a wide range of available sizes, packaging capabilities and value-added services. Every year we produce more than 1200 million tablets, capsules and sachets.

GMP standards of production:

  • sourcing of active and supplementary substances and packaging materials along with all the necessary quality-control documentation
  • quality-control documentation evaluation and releasing of raw materials for production
  • technology process optimization
  • weighing of raw materials
  • mixing
  • granulation
  • compression / encapsulation
  • blistering / lamination into strips / sacheting
  • automatic unit packaging


Available forms of production:

  • caplet and round tablets (in bulk, blisters, jars)
  • round lozenge tablets (in bulk, blisters, jars)
  • effervescent tablets (foil, tubes)
  • hard capsules size „0” (in bulk, blisters, jars)
  • powders (in bulk, sachets)
  • granulates (in bulk, sachets)
  • liquids, including aqueous-alcoholic, requiring space Ex. (receiving, filtering, dosing, labeling)


Available production services:

  • tableting, formats: ø 6 mm, ø 12 mm, ø 14 mm, ø 20 mm, caplet, oval
  • encapsulating into size „0” capsules
  • tablet blistering into blisters a' 6, a' 10, a' 15, a' 20, a' 25
  • „0” capsules blistering into blisters a' 10, a' 15
  • capsule and tablet bottling
  • packaging of effervescent tablets into foil strips
  • sacheting of powder and granulate into foil
  • jar labeling
  • tablet, capsule and sachet confectioning into unit- or/and collective packages
  • collective-package labeling
  • releasing of products for sale


Parallel import:
Sensilab also provides services in the field of parallel import:

  • repackaging
  • quality control
  • releasing for sale


Contract manufacturing services:
Anna Ziarkowska
Manager of the Strategic Customer Service Department
tel. kom.: +48 504 043 734


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