Quality control

Quality control

Quality-Assurance, Quality-Control and Environmental-Protection Departments form a team of specialists with a vast chemical and pharmaceutical knowledge. Our primary business goal is caring for the quality of our products and the safety of people and the environment.


In Quality Control Department laboratories we conduct the analysis of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products, using modern analytical techniques and a specialized measuring-control instrument.

Operational management systems - Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HACCP - encompass all stages of production and their effectiveness is constantly monitored.

We are an environmentally friendly company. The starting point of our pro-environmental policy is our conformation to legal requirements and other regulations in the field of waste management, air emissions, water and waste-water.


Subject to Quality-Control are:

  • raw material specification development
  • evaluation of raw material compliance to specification
  • releasing of raw materials to production
  • audit of API suppliers
  • stability testing of products in laboratory chambers
  • analytical method development for OTC and Rx products
  • validation of analytical methods
  • final product laboratory analysis in internal research center
  • releasing for sale


Quality-Control Laboratory

In the Quality-Control Department laboratory, modern analytical techniques utilizing a specialized measuring-control instrument for the assessment of substances come into force.

  • Spectrophotometry of the companies UNICAM, SHIMADZU, Mattson, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Chromatography of the companies Waters, Perlan Technologies
  • Other specialized instruments adapted to medicinal form


The production process is carried out in accordance with HACCP system.

Our instruments are subject to supervision, conforming to the procedures surveilling the laboratory measuring equipment.


Contract manufacturing services:
Anna Ziarkowska
Manager of the Strategic Customer Service Department
tel. kom.: +48 504 043 734


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