Research and production centre

Research and production centre

Our research and production centre consists of a group of top-class office and production buildings supported by specialist logistic infrastructure that makes us one of the leaders among pharmaceutical companies. We would like the centre to be a friendly place for work to implement the mission of our company in comfortable conditions.

The newly built office and production centre with comprehensive logistic infrastructure help us to fulfil the vision of our company and help people to lead healthy lives. The buildings create a pleasant place for work and the facility meets the highest standards of environmental protection.

The centre includes a room for mother and child, driveways and a mobile working system for people with disabilities and the use of renewable energy sources.

Our modern production lines ensure that SENSILAB is at world level in the pharmaceutical industry. The area of the centre is more than 9.500 sq m, and enables the employment of more than 250 people.

Advanced technologies used in the production process make it possible to reduce the amount of generated waste. The latest generation production lines consume less energy per unit of product. The use of automatic washes makes it possible to reduce the consumption of water and electricity.


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