The history of the company

The history of the company

Today, SENSILAB continues the 80-year tradition of the companies Scott&Browne and Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa-Łódź. Most of all, SENSILAB is a team of people who, thanks to their vision and passion, successfully develop the company on Central and Western Europe markets.

The beginnings of SENSILAB date back to 1933, when Scott&Browne began the production of pharmaceutical and chemical products. In the following years, the company dynamically developed, continuously enhancing its product portfolio – already offered under the name of Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa-Łódź.

A period of dynamic development of the company, now under the brand of SENSILAB, began when Marko Dolžan took over the company management. His entire professional career — he is a pharmacist — is related to pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to this, Marko Dolžan was able to gain knowledge of the medical services market and experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Today SENSILAB has two production plants, is contract manufacturing services suplier to the biggest pharmaceutical comapanies and develops it's own SENSILAB nutrtirion brand.


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